Aasar-e- Qayamat

Mufti Akhtar

It is a fact that with the passage of every moment we are getting closer to qayamat (the Day of judgement).

People are having the misconception that this day is too far from us, without realizing that our ancestors who were also having the same thought, came into this world and now they are lying in their respective graves.

But we should accept this fact that one day we all will die. Every soul shall taste death and will directly face ALLAH  Subhanahu Wata ‘Ala in Hereafter. Nothing in this World can save us from that moment. The time of the Day of judgement is only known by ALLAH  Azzawajal. Read ayat-e-karima wazaif here.

We really don’t know what will happen to us in the coming moment. This is so sure that our death is chasing us every time. We cannot escape from it. Similarly, we can not escape from the Day of judgement. This is highly possible that one day when we will be busy in planning for our future and building up our status in society, suddenly this moment would come into our life and everything would be perished. Read Ya Hayyu Ya Qayyum- 1 Solution here.

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